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CampusRN2RN Social Network for Nurses

CampusRN has launched CampusRN2RN a brand new social network for current and future nurses. CampusRN2RN has been tailored specifically for nursing students and nurses looking to share their experiences and connect with other healthcare professionals!

nursing network The network enables nursing students to connect with friends and peers. It also gives members a forum to communicate with nurses in the field who can offer valuable insight and advice on future employment. Nursing students can also reach out to healthcare employers to learn more about opportunities before deciding whether or not to apply for a job in a particular organization.

For Nursing Students


Students can share their experiences with nursing school or clinicals with each other by blogging. Below are some recent blogs:

Nursing Specialty Groups

Whether students are already involved in a particular specialty or are just interested in learning more about it, these groups are a great resource to connect with others in the field.

For Nurse Educators

Connect with Nurse Educators from across the country and share new ideas, teaching methods, and best practices in our CampusRN2RN Nurse Educators Group

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Labor and Delivery Nurses
Pediatric Nursing
Travel Nursing
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Emergency Room Nurses
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